What Is a Moving Company?

A moving company is a service provider that aids individuals and families in transporting their belongings from an old home to a new one. They normally use a van for local and short-range moves, but they may also utilize trucks or shipping containers for interstate or international moves.

Full-service movers typically offer an array of services to make your move as stress-free and seamless as possible, from packing your belongings to preparing large items for transportation like grandfather clocks and pianos. They can also dispose of your packing materials, assemble household furniture and help you set up your home in your new location. They are generally more expensive than do-it-yourself movers, but they can save you time and energy by handling the heavy lifting for you.

If you’re in the market for a full-service moving company, look for one with plenty of experience and excellent customer reviews. Beware of companies that are relatively new or ask for a significant down payment before starting work on your move, as they could be scammers. You can verify a moving company’s credentials by searching their name in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database or checking with your state’s regulatory agency.

A good moving company will be able to answer any questions you have and provide a detailed, written estimate before beginning your move. Be sure to read it carefully and note any assessing charges, advanced charges, replacement coverage or line-haul charges. In addition, a reputable moving company will give you the option of either paying for full value protection or a less-expensive basic coverage plan.

Most moving companies will send a relocation specialist to your home to perform a visual survey of your belongings prior to your move date. They will take measurements of your household goods, label them for transport and complete a written inventory sheet. Most movers also tag items that are especially heavy or valuable so they can be tracked throughout the process. You should also verify that a high-value item list is completed and sign it on delivery day.

Moving companies also have storage facilities that can be rented for a temporary period after your move. Many interstate movers have these facilities, and they can be especially helpful for long-distance moves, when it can be difficult to find an adequate place to live right away. Some even have specialized services that can help you navigate the unfamiliar process of obtaining your new driver’s license or connecting with real estate brokers on your behalf.

If you’re planning to move, start shopping around for a moving company early on in the process. That way, you’ll have more time to do your research and ensure that the company you choose is a great fit for your needs and budget. Be sure to get referrals from friends and family members, as well as check online reviews. When in doubt, ask your movers for references from previous clients who have used their services.