Property Market Malta

Property Market Malta

The Maltese property market is an attractive option for foreign buyers who are interested in buying property for sale as a long-term investment. Its diversified property types, coupled with a strong economy, make it an ideal choice for investors from across the globe.

Whether you’re looking for a villa in Valletta, a luxury apartment in St Julian’s or an old farmhouse in Gozo, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets. There are properties that combine traditional Maltese architecture with modern design, as well as stunning palazzos and farmhouses which often come with acres of land.

Types of Properties for Sale in Malta

The main housing types for sale are apartments, maisonettes and villas. A number of exceptional new build developments are also available to choose from.

These homes are generally located within close proximity to amenities and facilities, with many of them offering views over the Mediterranean Sea or over the island’s capital. They are popular with first time homebuyers and young families because of their low prices, spacious layouts, and easy-going lifestyles.

Sales prices vary according to the location, proximity to the sea and quality of interiors. In areas like St Julian’s and Sliema, the sales prices can range from 2900 EUR/sqm to 8000 EUR/sqm, while the letting price can be anywhere from 600 EUR/bedroom to 1750 EUR/bedroom monthly.

Other popular areas for property are Gzira, St Paul’s Bay, and Hamrun. These areas offer vintage urban settings, easy-going restaurants and cafes that are appreciated by younger generations.

There are some great new development projects in Malta, such as the Manoel Island and Tigne Point developments in Valletta and the Portomaso and Verdala Mansions in Gozo. These luxury projects have attracted a significant amount of foreign investment and have helped boost the overall value of the Maltese Property Market Malta.

In addition to its popularity with foreigners, the Maltese property market is also attracting an increasing number of local residents. These people are seeking to relocate or to buy a property for the first time in their lives.

They are drawn to the country’s welcoming atmosphere, favourable tax regime, and excellent climate. This is reflected in the fact that property prices in Malta are steadily increasing and are likely to continue to do so.

Residential construction activity has also picked up in Malta and is on track to increase in the coming years. This is partly attributed to the government’s temporary COVID-19 measures which provide for reduced tax and duty rates on the first EUR400,000 (US$483,308) of property transfers inter vivos.

The property market in Malta continues to be buoyant, and although a recent survey found that housing affordability is becoming more difficult, this trend appears to be slowing down. However, it is important to note that this change in affordability is mainly due to the increased construction costs associated with high-quality buildings. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the future potential of a property before making an investment decision.